About Us

HillMark Ethiopia is a private limited company established under the laws of Ethiopia, in April 2001 Gregorian calendar with head office in Addis Ababa.  HillMark Ethiopia is one of the very few ICT companies in Ethiopia that have received certification from the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) for a Point of Sales (POS) software that can be used in Ethiopia for all sales transactions. Our POS software operates in an integrated environment with our back office HillMaster-ERP system.
Develop and supply appropriate, massively customizable business software solutions that accommodate for fast changing market demands, changing government compliance requirements, latest technological achievements and superior customer experience in every solution delivery.
To see HillMark Ethiopia as the best and most reliable business software development company providing dependable and appropriate business software solutions for our customers; value for our shareholders; pride for our employees; and honoring our corporate responsibility in countries we operate.

Core Values

At HillMark, our goal has always been to guarantee that every system, component and process that we deploy meets customer requirements and expectations. We strive to satisfy our customers to the full. We consistently strive to embed quality in every process and procedure resulting in required products and services.
Customer Experience
Value for Money

Meet The Team

Our recruitment policies are based on equal opportunity for all qualified applicants. The main sources of our skilled human capital are local nationals graduating from Government and Private Universities.

Hailu Abebie, General Manager


Ageredech Bayu, Finance


Maru Jibriel, Software Support & Development

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Our Hillmaster ERP Modules are tailored to fit a variety of Verticals, catering to Government Offices, Private Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Non-Governmental Organizations.