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Young and Versatile team

Young and Versatile Team

HillMaster ERP - Custom Built, Multi Vertical Modules
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HillMark Ethiopia

Why HillMark?

At HillMark, our goal has always been to guarantee that every system, component and process that we deploy meets customer requirements and expectations. We strive to satisfy our customers to the full. We consistently strive to embed quality in every process and procedure resulting in required products and services.

HillMark Ethiopia builds software solutions that our clients depend on. We design and build systems to function in extremely demanding situations yielding expected output under all situations. Our design is such that bugs are rare and failures are even rarer.

Key Features of HillMaster ERP

HillMaster ERP is equipped with multiple custom built modules.  It has the capbaility to serve various Verticals and comes with Ethipian Revenues and Customs Authority authorized Point of Sales module.  And all our Modules are fully customizable to serve your specific requirements.


Our General Ledger core module and Fixed Asset Management module are the heart of our ERP giving you complete control and picture of your company's finances.

Human Resources Management

Our HRM and Payroll modules comprehensively manage your most valuable assest - your staff.

Supply Chain Management

Our Procurement Management, Stock and Inventory Control modules will give you complete control over your supply chain.

Production Management

Job Cost estimation and management modules along with our supply chain management modules will make your production process efficient.

Sales Management

Our various Sales modules make your sales activities simple and are fully integrated with our Stock and Financial modules.

Maintenance Service Management

Our workshop managment module will keep track of all your maintenance activities and allows you to use your resources efficiently.